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Water Development Activities

With the continuous ground water exploitation and global warming, the water for future generation will become scarce. It is not the matter how much rain we get, but it is how much rain we harvest. It is very essential to make the people aware of rainwater harvesting techniques which comprise of various technology models for both surface and ground water harvesting measures.

More than 50% of the rainfall is got about 15 days or in less than 100 hours out of a total of 8760 hours in a year. Therefore it is very important to harvest this rainwater which comes and goes in few days. This precious wealth should be properly saved ad stored for this generation and future generation also.

A Rain Centre 'Varunalaya’ with 50 kinds of Rain Water Harvesting and Water Conservation Technologies has been established in our ashram in order to give exposure for various categories of people like villagers, members of SHGs (Self Help Groups), NGOs, Farmers and School & College Students. The models are so designed that those who visit Varunalaya can select the appropriate technology according to their need of requirement of their place.

Though water is easily available from the Mother Nature, every one of us is wasting the water thoughtlessly without thinking that freely available source has become a costly item of purchase. This centre gives awareness on Rain Water Harvesting and Water Conservation.


The real source of irrigation for cultivation are the village Tanks (Lakes). Alas! The Tanks have become orphans for the past 30 years. A heavy blow on the farmers’ development and cultivation. Nobody came forward for maintaining the water bodies. But Ashram took initiative with the assistance of Ministry of Rural Development to renovate the Tanks of various villages. Ashram has Renovated 4 tanks of each of 200 acres irrigation capacity. The following works were completed under this project.

  • Clearing the thorny bushes and jungles in tank bund and tank bed.
  • Clearing jungles in incoming channel.
  • Desiltation in tank bed.
  • Desiltation in incoming channel
  • Turfing on incoming channel.
  • Plantation of saplings on tank bunds.
  • Construction of slucies – 2 Nos.
  • Repair of Cullingul (weir).
  • Construction of distribution channels (outlet channel).
  • 12 Villages have been benefited due to renovation of 4 tanks

In the villages we find many dried up ponds. Ashram has taken up the work of these already existing water harvesting points by way of recharging the ground water recourses and make use of these ponds for the villagers both for small agricultural operations as well as for drinking water to cattle. Due to improper care, the ponds has been silted up since present capacity is very less for storage of water.

Ashram has renovated two ponds with the help of Self Help Group members and support of the State Government.

People's Participation in Water Development Works

With the assistance of 'CAPART', The Ministry of Rural Development, New Delhi , the Ashram implemented the project, Renovation of Tank and Formation of Tank Users’ Association in village Sennanangur In Thirunavalur Block Ulundurpet Taluk in Villupuram district. The water body is a lake with a 1242 meter long Bund. It has an irrigation area of 169.9 acres. The entire bed of the lake was thickly infested with weeds, which were cleared with people’s cooperation. The incoming channel passed through some patta lands. Initially, the land owners were reluctant to part with their land to let the supply channel. Sri Sarada Ashram persuaded them to make sacrifice for public good. Besides, there were encroachments on the inlet and outlet routes. The encroachers physically obstructed the work. One such person was Sri. A.Kaliyamuirthy. he said that he threatened the workers and forbade them from digging the channels. The Sister of the Ashram wre summoned. They persuaded him to give up his opposition and convinced him that the project was for the common good and that he would gain in long run. He said that he abided by the advice of the Sisters and became very cooperative.