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We realize the value of nourishing children not only with knowledge but also with distinguished features of moral values and we work day in and day out towards this. The spirit of brotherhood in its true sense is the unique feature of all our Gurukulites. Each student is trained with a self-disciplined lifestyle in the Gurukula pattern, which they continue even after they leave the institution.

The watchwords of each Gurukulite are based on the powerful saying of our Swamiji, "An ideal student, irrespective of the hurdles faced would be stubborn in his attitude and would reach his goal with perseverance and tenacity."

We take students on a Exposure Tour every year, which is not just for travelling pleasure but also serves as a phenomenal life experience for the individual.

Our educational activities include the following,

Sri Sarada Sevalaya - Free home for poor village girls.

The joys of childhood are always unique for everyone. But there is no chance for village children to enjoy their joyful childhood. Because the Tender hands of poor little village girls are burdened with tough tasks of cow dung collection, firewood collection, cattle rearing and baby-sitting. They do not have enough food to eat. The most pathetic condition is that they are also tortured by their drunkard fathers. In some cases, they are deserted by their parents because of severe poverty. Moreover educating village children is an economic burden for poor parents. So education has become a luxury to them.

Education for village poor girls may be utopian at cursory level. But unachievable things can be achieved by sheer dedication and hard work with diligence. Yes. This miraculous achievement is very obvious before us through the functioning methodology of Sri Sarada Sevalayam in Ulundurpet.

Sri Sarada Sevalayam is the real relief to over 150 poor village girls. From the drudgery of menial labour the village poor girls are housed in Sevalaya with motherly affection and fatherly guidance. To prove the great potentialities of village girls, this loving home provides,

  • Free food, clothing and shelter
  • Training in education, yoga, meditation and culture
  • Confidence to face challenges and adversities of human life
  • Vocational training to facilitate their independent living

Educated women would inculcate virtues amongst the children and thus prepare the new generation of people who could distinguish themselves in virtues. Women must be put in a position to solve their problems in their own way by giving them education. - swami Vivekananda

It is a proof that if proper atmosphere is provided, even the children of poor families could prove their excellence.

"Education for village girls will change the face of whole nation"

Vidyarthi Raksha Yojana - Free night class for poor boys.

In economically and educationally most backward poor families, the parents find it difficult to provide even one square meal a day for their children. In such a situation giving good education is only a dream.

As the parents of the boys are mostly street vendors, maids, tea shop attenders and daily waged labourers, they try to send their children for back breaking labour and menial jobs for their livelihood. To change this scenario, Ashram runs a free night school - Vidyarthi Raksha Yojana. The unkempt children are recognized with full affection by Vidyarthi Raksha Yojana where free coaching and a wholesome food and other help are provided to care for physical, mental health and intellectual growth.

Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya - School for Drop Outs & Never Enrolled Students

Gender disparities still continue in villages among disadvantaged communities. Looking at enrolment trends, there remain significant gaps in the enrolment of girls as compared to boys, especially at the upper primary levels.

In response to this situation, one residential school is set up in a congenial, calm, serene atmosphere, amidst the lush green groves nestle. The centre for learning in the ashram campus is in the name 'Kasturbha Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya'. The Scheme is supported by Govt.of India for Dropout and Never enrolled girl students with boarding facilities. 100 girls are accommodated in this special school.

Before joining the KGBV, the girls worked as servant maids, farm labourers, baby sitters, brick chamber labourers, waste collectors etc. In the beginning ,the ashram sisters and the staff go from village to village to identify the girls and convince them to join the KGBV. And from the morning till night the children are nurtured with motherly care and affection. The loving care and guidance of the sisters have proved, “Dedication will make impossible one into a practical one.

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Sevalayam - a Case Study to open our hearts

I am Neela, a poor village girl. And I lost my mother when was a baby . My father, my step mother and my elder sisters are laborers. I wanted to come out of the vicious circle of bonded labour. Yes! Sri Sarada Sevalayam adopted me as its loving child and now I am in XI standarad. I lost my father also when I was in IX Standarad. But I do not feel that I have lost both my parents and I had become orphan. I am blessed to live in the bosom of Sevalaya family and every one of the ashram sister is taking care of me as I am their loving child. Every one of my sevalaya sisters made me feel at home. And we all live together and grow together physically, mentally, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. Sevalayam is my loving home and it is a sweet home to all the supportless girls like me.

Now we need not collect firewood in scorching sun; need not fetch water from long distances for drinking, need not look after our siblings; need not cook and do any household chores or farm duties.

We are so happy and do you know we are playing, swinging, dancing and singing. We get first marks in schools and we guide our classmates in good habits. We become role models to our friends now!

With Sevalayam we are Heroes! Without Sevalayam Oh! We cannot imagine ourselves!

"A light is lit in the life of the little girls…let us strive to keep it glowing!"