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"Do you love your fellow men? Where should you go to seek for God-Are not all the poor, the miserable, the weak, God? Why not worship them first? Believe in the omnipotent power of love ". –Swami Vivekananda”

Inspired by the ideal of Swami Vivekananda 'to look upon every human being as veritable manifestation of God and to serve him with that idea will lead one to Salvation', Sri Sarada Ashram carries out Health Service through Sri Sarada Charitable Hospital.

It is an important point from the field experience of the ashram that the village people never care about their ailments until it becomes serious because of the lack of awareness on health aspects. This carelessness affects them in two ways. One is heavy medical expenses and the second is long time recuperation losing their job and money.

Rich people can opt for excellent medical facilities. Poor people especially who live in rural areas will have to earn their bread at the cost of their health. Poor people's illness will be set asides and priority will be given to bread earning. Yes! Poor people can't spend money for their ill-health. Their psychological pressure and the social imbalance created a crisis of livelihood battle.

Ashram has the heart to feel and brain to think for such people. The real emotion combined with the intellectual planning has created a medical home for poor people called " Sri Sarada Charitable Hospital ".

For any emergency case, a villager from Ulundurpet taluk should travel minimum 100 kilometers up and down to get treatment. Many can neither get adequate attention in time nor afford a visit to the nearby towns where better facilities are available.

Low-income levels and the lack of adequate medical services are the two most important factors affecting rural people. As a result, they tend to live with health problems till the complications become serious and then it extract a heavy price, physically and financially.

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Medical Camp - An eye-opener for Saraswati

Saraswathi belongs to a lower middleclass family in Villupuram district. Although she had some discomforts in health, she always preferred self medication. The medical camp served as an eye-opener for her.