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Economic Activities


The ashram formed village based Self Help Women groups having homogenous social and economic backgrounds, to save regular small sums of money, mutually agreeing to contribute to a common fund and to meet their emergency needs on the basis of mutual help. In such groups the poorest women would come together for disaster, social reasons, economic support to each other by ease conversation, social interaction and economic interactions. This activity enables the rural women to access the credit from Nationalized Banks through Sarada Ashram. This Micro Savings & Credit scheme is really a boon to village ladies.

  • To sensitize women of target area for the need of SHG and its relevance in their empowerment process.
  • To create group feeling among women.
  • To enhance the confidence and capabilities of women.
  • To develop collective decision making among women.
  • To encourage habit of saving among women and facilitate the accumulation of their own capital resource base.
  • To motivate women taking up social responsibilities particularly related to women development.
Training Programmes conducted for SHG Members:
  • SHG Capacity Building Training Programmes
  • Animator & Representative Training Programmes
  • Refresher Training Programmes
  • PLF Office Bearers Training in Finance Management and in Governance
  • Skill Training Programmes
  • Entrepreneur Training Programmes
  • Agricultural Training Programmes

The total Number of Self Help Groups guided by the ashram are 500 Nos from 120 villages and 10,000 number of village women are benefitted by this scheme.


Villupuram, being an agrarian district and majority of the people being agricultural labourers, there is a need to equip them to face the challenges in the ever changing agricultural scenario. The Rural Training Centre (RTC) which functions in the campus is to impart training in agriculture and other related skills to the rural community. The training centre facilitated with modern communication gadgets (an LCD multimedia projector, portable amplifier, digital camera and xerox machine) makes training programmes very successful.

Our agricultural activities include the following:

  • Organic Farming
  • Vermi Composting
  • Bio-Composting
  • Bio-Pest Control Measures like Panchakavya preparation
  • Moisture Conservation like Mulching Techniques
  • One Straw Revolution Method (System of Rice Intensification - SRI Method )
  • Seed Preservation Techniques
  • Horticulture
  • Floriculture
  • Nursery Techniques-Crafting & Sapling Techniques
  • Azolla Cultivation
  • Mushroom Cultivation
  • Dairy Farming
  • Bio-Gas Slurry Plant - Advantages
  • Medicinal Plants Cultivation
  • Rain Water Harvesting & Water Conservation
  • Pollution Control Measures
  • Training in Micro Finance Scheme (SHG)
  • EDP Training
  • Capacity Building Workshop
  • Family Emotional Management and Family Finance Management
  • Life Oriented Skill Training
  • Hollow Block Making
  • Masonry Training
  • Health & Hygiene Programmes

Introducing all literate rural people to the simple books which will kindle their “thirst for knowledge” element in their mind. All sorts of books related to rural developments are housed in a well ventilated spacious room with good furniture arrangements. This centre has CDs, Books, Magazines and Periodicals which are related with Rural development.


A separate centre is set up by Vivekananda Seva Pratishtan for giving training in entrepreneur development activities.EDP training programmes are very helpful for the village people to infuse them with self confidence, in decision making, in accounts maintenance, to know about human relation and customer care and to develop in leadership skills and marketing techniques.

The ailing agriculture has affected the villagers to a great extend mainly on their income. So the villager must be trained in some other pursuits which are all easy to handle even by illiterates. Here comes the real supportive system for their additional income called EDP Training centre covering,

  • Pickle preparation
  • Wire Bag making
  • Knitting works
  • Agarbathi making
  • Candle making
  • Snacks Preparation
  • Cleaning Powder Preparation
  • Toys Making
  • Artificial Jewellery Making

Little more advanced training Centre for villagers working with an intention of creating small industrial oriented rural business units for those who can invest a meager amount for self employment plan. This centre covers training & guidance freely on the following areas

Sri Sarada Free Residential Computer Training Centre:

Sri Sarada Free Residential Computer Training for rural girls set up by the ashram provides accommodation, food and coaching all at free of cost. A 10 months package course comprising, Book Keeping, Office Management, Accounts maintenance, Spoken English and Yoga with Computer Training as a main subject is being taught. All the girls who got training in the centre are now working in various business concerns and offices.

Sri Sarada Free Tailoring Institute:

The two free tailoring institutes run by the Ashram give training to the rural women in needle work, dress making and embroidery for 6 months to provide self-employment in and around Ulundurpet.

  • Rexine Bag Making Training Unit
  • Garment Making Unit
  • Areca nut Plate Making Unit
  • Paper Envelope Making Unit
  • Sanitary Napkin Production Unit
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Chitra, a role model for women in Sengurichi village

The story of Chitra from Sengurichi village is quite a different one, for people travel from villages to cities to earn a living but she did the opposite with the help of our Ashram's self-help group. She and her husband, who worked in Mumbai, came back to their village to start a rexine bag making unit.