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Family Welfare


The poor elderly mothers are left uncared and unsupported by their own people because of dire poverty. Though they have toiled for many years, at their sunset years they do not have loving shoulders to prop them and soothe their bruised feelings. Our Ashram created a lifelong protection with never ending affection through this "Vrudha Mahila Kendra". The free old age motherly home provides.

  • Healthy and nutritious food to the aged mothers
  • Hygienic and clean shelter and good clothing
  • Prompt medical care at the time of sickness
  • Holy, calm and spiritual environment for their mental peace

Total number of women in this centre is 30. With the Ashram’s support utmost care they find light in their dark old age period.


The penury of a family in the village will lead to starvation of many rural people. So the Ashram provides free food to the poor villagers. The satisfaction of poor villagers after full meals created a sea – change in their life.


Sri Sarada Ashram provides confidential guidance and counselling to strengthen the moral and cultural fibers of the families by using "love" and "perfect understanding" as the main tools. The approach of the sanyasin sisters for the family problems of the women and appropriate clarification given by sisters to the affected minds become real solace.


It is a cultural forum for village ladies irrespective of their caste creed and religion. Through fortnightly gatherings, the female folk are taught to foster their children to create an exceptional family scenario. Overall personality development springs up among the village women through Samiti. Bhajans are to make psychologically more vibrant to rejuvenate their inner minds. Open discussion about family management is to get clarity of thinking for their better approach. This gathering & its programmes create a congenial atmosphere to bring oneness among them. The social value like co- operation & co-ordination among the illiterate women folk will be developed very easily through this simple gathering.


VSP Started to bring out all potentialities of each and every individual who are all playing the vital role without vitality. VSP has carefully drafted and executed many camps with deep contemplation. The role of a husband, the role of a wife, the role of children and role of each person are to be effectively motivated with great emphasis on bringing out great things from their unconscious mind.

We have thus created many role - models of various categories in our society through Family camp, Students camp, Yoga camp, Camp for rural women etc.

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Poongavanam, a 70 year old from Nemili village narrates her story,

"I have two sons and two daughters. Even a couple of years back I used to work well, but due to my old age I am unable to continue the same now. My daughters-in-law were forcing me to involve in household works like cooking and cleaning, and if I fail to listen to them they refused to give me food.