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Cultural Activities


Watering the young saplings create a strong grove of great citizens for future India.

It is a forum for village school boys to give them value inputs and other informations about the world around them. Playing varieties of games with a spirit of unity in diversity. The programs of Balak sangam have been so designed to bring out their inner potentialities for a constructive development. One such program called “Incident Narration” from our cultural heritage shapes their minds as "staunch patriots of our nation".


The Deepa poojas have been regularly conducted in villages to promote communal unity. This activity with a touch of divinity creates opportunity for every participant to increase their concentration and illumine their inner power for the welfare of the family as well as their village. It is an easy way to organise all village people to shed the desparity. The divine vibration during the pooja pervades the whole village to normalise the environmental imbalance.


This is a special type of pooja for womenfolk performed aiming at the welfare of their family members. This pooja gives self-confidence to every lady who does this small ritual. A strong faith is intensely developed in their unconscious mind that the ladies can overcome any sort of family problem with the help of almighty coupled with their hard work. This pooja is the most favourite activity for the ladies. Moreover this pooja requires no economic burden.


This cultural activity is having very great historical background in Tamilnadu. It is performed in the month of Margazhi i.e. in the month of December & January of every year.The interesting thing in this activity is the time at which it is conducted. The modern people may not have the chance to feel the greatness of this Nagarasangeertanam; because it starts at the Brahma Muhurtam time i.e. at early morning from 4.30a.mto 6.00 a.m. This divine time brings enormous good things for human life when any activity is performed at this auspicious time that will fetch the divine blessings.

At this early morning all the ladies of the particular street will wake up before 4.a.m, take bath, wear clean dress 40 to 50 ladies will assemble in a good corner of a street keeping a photo of a deity with them. They will start to sing Bhajans. This women group will cover 2 to 3 streets within 6.00 a.m. Their chorus Bhajans at the Brahma Muhurtam will create a divine vibration all over the street. Each and every house & its members will come out of their houses to receive the divine group ladies with a spiritual welcome.

It is an exceptional scene to see a great spiritual procession creating tangible divinity everywhere.


Our ancestors had created many methodology to inculcate human values in the minds of the people through various methodologies. Festivals are the easy methods to cover all category of people. ie. From the children to old age people. Among all other social festivals, 'Navaratri’ has got its uniqueness. Because it will attract all age group of people. Navaratri symbolizes that a positive force can win over hundreds evil forces.

Ashram has taken up Navaratri festival as the best method to reinforce our cultural values in the minds of the viewers continuously. Because it is the only festival celebrated continuously for nine days in our motherland . It is a conceptual display of dolls, though in a traditional way Ashram selects episodes from our rich cultural heritage, and the episodes are divided into different scenes with very good background scenery and written descriptions. It is not something a passive spectators viewing all the decorated stalls.

The highlight is every scene would be explained by our school students with vigour & enthusiasm. Our rich cultural values are passed on to our younger generation very easily and interestingly. Every year 30,000 people would visit this Navaratri exhibition from all strata of our society.

Our puranic values will certainly attract even the ultra modern people to aspire for cultural values. Topics of Golu exhibition for the Past few years were Ramayana, Harischanda, Kumarasambhava, Satyavan Savitri, Nala Damayanthi, Pundaleeka, Naghusha, Sukanya, Atmadevan, Raghuvamsam.


Every year 3 spiritual retreats will be conducted. The programmes like Discourses, Discussions, Bajans, Guided Meditation, Incident narrations will be conducted during the Retreat.

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Celebration of 150th birthday of Sri Sarada Devi

One of the most important events in the ashram was 150th Jeyanthi Celebrations of Holy Mother Sri Saradadevi. Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai organized a programme of All Tamilnadu Ratosav. It was the 150th birth anniversary of Sri Sarada Devi, The Shakthi of Sri Ramakrishna.