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|| Swalpamapyasya Dharmasya Trayate Mahato Bhayat ||

"Follow a small portion of Dharma, and you will be blessed tremendously."

Sri Sarada Ashram was established with the core objectives of promoting and developing the poor and the backward villages by means of quality education, affordable healthcare, cultural and socia-economic development activities, agricultural development and providing much needy and timely relief during natural disasters.

Located at Uludurpet, on the Chennai Trichy Highway in Tamilnadu, the Ashram houses 45 Sanyasin Sisters and services the remotest villages in and around the place. Over 1000 students and 500 women are given schooling, vocational training and job-oriented career coaching annually.

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Neela at Sevalaya

Neela, School topper - 454/500

XII Standard, Sevalaya, Sri Sarada Ashram

Hailing from a very poor family, and raised by a single mother who makes a livelihood cleaning utensils, Neela overcame a lot of barriers to be a School Topper.

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