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History of Ashram

Few words for your heart.

Every human being is having a good heart. Here, the heart means not the physical blood pumping organ. The real feeling which will come spontaneously when somebody is in difficult condition. When our society is in deteriorated condition, we must become very seious and also when our Nation is in such condition. Everyone of us should gird up our lions to come forward to make things alright.

We should not wait till the God takes 'AVATAR' to bring back normalcy. This vital idea has to be imbibed atleast by those who have 'humanistic feeling' even in less degree. It is the high time to go to the unconscious minds of our people to raise their hidden potential power.

This can be done by some living role models who could sacrifice everything for the welfare of others. It is only a human endeavor with divine blessings. Establishing one spiritual organization is not an easy thing. Living for noble aim and working for a great cause would become a laughable thing in this modern world.

Inspite of all these hardships, there some spiritual seeds sown by divine hands happens in every period of time. When the spiritual plant grows like big Baniyan Tree. It helps the society a lot.

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Present Powerful Social Current!

We may feel that today, India is progressing by leaps & bounds. A great senese of pride associates us with the modern industries, sky touching infrastructures and ultra modern life styles. An era governed by information technology propelled by micro chips at the cost of humanitarian values in every aspect of human life.

But this abundant growth has hardly trickled down only a few kilometers of big cities and stopped without touching any village. Indians majority still relay on the unreliable agriculture! The inevitable poverty of farmers has become immeasurable.

The cultivation field is parched without water. But overflowing tears from farmers' eyes can never be used for cultivation. Education is not at all an attractive subject for rural children. Unhygienic condition of villages are the storehouse of all diseases. Ordinary medical help could not come near the poor people even with affordable cost. Minor illness can only be forgotten automatically by new major disease.

The old are left uncared on streets. Modern thinkers define them only as unprofitable bundles of bones and fleshes.and also a living burden of family economy. So many pages of the history of the poor people have become blank without any assuring words about the future.

  • What is the solution to this prolonged miseries? Where is the proper solution? Who is going to work for this?

These paramount questions are ringing continuously in the minds of rural people & good hearted urban people! Our higher educational institutions miserably failed to answer these questions!

Our intelligentia uses only many jargons to explain these questions! Our economists draw only many poverty lines without answering these questions! But descendants of Rishis will not keep quite.

Towards the noble Aim

Our Nation will become galvanized into action and our development plans will move with accelerating tempo, only when our nation is rebuilt with the base of our national heritage.

Inspite of invasions, subjection, humiliation and devastation, we Indians still exist. By the end of eighteenth century, India had become old, broken and dispirited. But a spiritual and patriotic touch of Swami Vivekananda, old India has become young India once again!

Swami Vivekananda propounded a national aim for all of us…"Atmano mokashartham, Jagaddhitaya ca" - meaning: one has to serve humanity, through that service bring happiness around you and through that very service, elevate yourself also morally and spiritually. If you want to do "real service", Renunciation must be the bedrock for service! This concept of "REAL SERVICE" attracted the minds of some dedicated persons of Ulundurpet. So they engraved this great concept in their minds. This concept is always a motivating factor to inspire them continuously.

Persons shaped by divine blessings

Swami Anantananda was an ordinary person in his premonastic life. Though he was a University First Rank holder, he could not fix any direction. Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna entered into his life voluntarily and shown a good direction. So he took 'Spiritual Initiation from Srimath Swami Bhuteshanandaji Maharaj, the 12th President of Sri Ramakrishna Math & Mission, Kolkatta. Sanyasa was given by Srimath Swami Madhuranandaji Maharaj, President Swami Vivekananda Ashram, Vellimalai.

When Swami Anantananda stepped out of his house, the unseen divine and gracious hands of Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna started to give him a good shape. He put him into many ordeals. He started a school with 3 students in a rented dilapidated building. He was having only 0.75 paise as an investment to begin the school. That 0.75 paise was enough only to buy school attendance register. It was an 'unbelievable initial investment at the human view point. But that 0.75 paise might have been touched by Divine Mother for future developments of the ashram.

At the same time Divine hands also shaped Yat.Ramakrishnapriya Amba. She was highly impressed and captivated by Sri Sri Thakurs Avatara Mahima. She also with 3 more sisters joined to work for the noble aim 'Atmano Mokshartham Jagaddhitaya ca. Her attitude was more spiritual oriented and tapasvic centered. Rev.Mataji was the real mother as well as taking other roles cook, caretaker, teacher, headmistress. She played the roles from matron to manager. Sri Thakur designed an unknown plan for ladies ashram for which she was fixed as a pivotal person.

Running a school without money was really a battle field. Paying building rent, teachers salary, maintenance expense were all crushing these new spiritual aspirants like anything. At this initial stage, rich people will not come near to help them. No money can be got from their own house because their parents were harshly against the monastic life. The parents scolded that other educated persons were earning good amount, but these useless sanyasins were wasting their life.

They couldn't pay monthly salary to rickshawalla who brought children for the school. Hence it had become the duty of Swami Anantananda to pull rickshaw daily covering 18Km everyday to bring the children to school.

The food expense of the sanyasins was unbearable. So they forgot full meals and side dishes. They took only boiled rice and added tomato for different taste. The sanyasins sufferings were limitless. But the God given sufferings really strengthened their moral fibre. Because it is a well known thing that when people around you are not ready to come forward to help. Then God will surely come down to help genuine people with His benign gesture.

Suffering for great cause will never go waste. Waiting with sincere prayer will bring good reward!

Spiritual Organisation a perennial source

Our sacred land exists in this world to prove the power of spirituality than the man made powers. Today our land may seem to be devoid of good culture and great tradition.

It may appear that the virtuous persons always face hardships and vicious persons enjoy victory. We may also feel that falsehood and unruly incidents have become the normal phenomena everywhere.

It is one side of our 'Indian Society! There is also another side called 'Bharath. Let us all with tremendous faith look into the Bharath side, where our spiritual samrat Vivekananda stands and calls us to come forward shedding all our fears and cowardice to work for our nation.

Swami Anantananda and his followers decided to start a spiritual organization. So, one thing is very sure! Till today…even tomorrow, the great spiritual heritage of this holy nation will never perish! Indomitable spiritual force will raise spontaneously from the side of Bharath to bring back our own glory!

Ashramites attitude tuned by Swamiji

Normally sanyasins will always fix their concentration on GOD only. But Vivekananda is the first sanyasi who turned the attention of sanyasa tradition towards people centered.

Preference has been given to convert all services as a 'real worship! The God who is residing in dilapidated physical frames of poor people must be concentrated first. So, the small temple of dilapidated physical structures of poor and downtrodden should be renovated and consecrated with special ritual of seva schemes.

Each and every mental chip of all Ashrama Sanyasin sisters has been redesigned according to Vivekananda's life giving ideas! So, the concept of “Divine Poojas at Social Temple has been meticulously formed and action plans are drafted with high fervor.