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The poor and the downtrodden search with yearning eyes, They long for help to minimize their acute suffering; They are waiting to gain rays of hope in their life. Many services could not be undertaken by us for want of sufficient economic assistance.

Your benign thoughts may throb to do good to humanity! Your genuine heart may feel to extend your helping hand! Your generous mind would outpour your concern for poor people!

But for want of time, You would have postponed to give shape to your real feelings!

Now our sacred appeal gently touches your heart to bring out your feelings as a glorious action.

We request you to contribute generously for the 'Divine poojas in our social temple'. Your donations will certainly become a 'punniyam' when it is offered at the feet of the Lord, with the prayers of the sanyasin sisters.

Kindly send your contributions favouring 'SRI SARADA ASHRAM, ULUNDURPET' for our ashram's address in the form of cheque / DD / MO.

All your donations are exempted under 80G of the IT Act.

We thankfully and affectionately look forward for your assistance to carry on this divine pooja in our social temple. The divine offering of your donation will be converted as 'the real prasad' which will be distributed to all the needy people.

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